College Faculty Collective Bargaining

Grève du Zèle: Phase 3

Jump to: Actions de la Phase 3 Explication des Actions de la Phase 3 Lettres d’exemple Vidéo d’ensemble Vidéo de notes Focus: La grève du zèle DOIT avoir un impact sur le fonctionnement des collèges afin d’être une stratégie de négociation efficace qui ramène le Conseil à la table pour y discuter des besoins du …

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Work to Rule: Phase 3

More information regarding Work to Rule Phase 3 including sample letters to send to students, sample letter refusing struck work, and a sample letter from a coordinator refusing struck work.

Work to Rule Basics: It’s OK to just say NO

Work-to-rule is not about making it easy on the colleges. We are in a legal strike position: it is within our rights to withdraw our labour. Work-to-rule action highlights how much volunteer work faculty do under normal conditions, Work to rule allows us to minimize negative impacts on our students. This type of strike action …

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Work to Rule: Phase 1 and 2 for all Faculty

Dec 21, 2021 Started 12:01am, December 18, 2021 Focus The imposition of terms and conditions prevents the possibility of good labour relations, eliminates faculty consent, and is itself a form of labour disruption. It is a choice by the colleges and the CEC to abandon negotiations and to force faculty to work only under the …

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